The value of investments can go down as well as up, and the investors could get back less than was paid in.

The 10 question risk questionnaire is similar to our 17 question risk questionnaire, with fewer risk measures.

The 10 question investment risk questionnaire was produced by Oxford Risk Research and Analysis (ORRA). ORRA are an independent company, linked to the University of Oxford. They are leading experts in the field of risk and analysis, dedicated to the practical application of knowledge in risk and risk behaviour.

The 10 question risk questionnaire:

  • is quick and easy to complete
  • enables a conversation about investment risk with your client
  • provides the client’s risk score, indicating where in a risk band they fall
  • can be used as part of your end-to-end advice process

Note: The risk questionnaires are not suitable for use with clients who are unwilling to take an investment risk.

The questionnaire is not a replacement for a conversation with your client about investment risk.

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Download the questionnaire for your client to complete offline

How to use the tool with your clients

The questionnaire is intended for advisers to fill in using client responses.

You can complete the questionnaire online with your client present. Or you can download the blank risk assessment questionnaire in PDF format and send to your client to complete and return to you in their own time. You can then enter their responses into the tool.

Entering the client’s answers into the online questionnaire will provide you with a risk score and calculated appetite for investment risk. These can be used to assist the conversation you have with your client about their investment risk preferences.

Following this conversation, your client can select the risk level which they feel is most appropriate to them.

Please note that because the tool is a web app, it doesn't save data onto your device. Whenever you generate a report, save and print a formatted report for your client (including a record of answers given).

Support for your compliance process

Once you have agreed with your client what their risk score is, this can be marked on the paper version of the questionnaire and signed by your client allowing you to meet the needs of your compliance process.

For more information, contact your Standard Life Account Manager.

Limitations and Disclaimer

Please read the following information before using the questionnaire.

The questionnaires will help you to understand your client’s attitude to investment risk but it is important to understand that there are some limitations:

  • Education, not advice - this tool is a guide for illustrative purposes only
  • Limits - this tool doesn't look at other factors such as your client’s stage of life, their financial goals or the size of financial loss your client is able to withstand
  • Think bigger - risk is just one of the things your client needs to consider when making investment decisions. For example, the term of their investment and whether they might want to access their investments before the end of this term are also important
  • Discussion – talk about the results with your client before taking action.

All of the output categories produced by the questionnaire assume that the client is willing to take at least some investment risk.

If a client falls into the lowest risk category, it is therefore necessary for the subsequent conversation to assess whether or not investing is appropriate for them, or whether they would be more comfortable to not invest their money.

Advisers using this tool should be comfortable with whatever investments options are subsequently decided on. Standard Life is not responsible for any advice.

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