This month sees the first innovations of our Adviser Experience Programme with the launch of our new state of the art telephony system, Amazon Connect. This new client service solution is powered by Salesforce Service Cloud, enabling us to provide a world class service. This will be ready from Monday 28 June.

What does this mean for you?

  • You’ll be connected to one of our experts faster – speedy pre-screening will route you to the best team to handle your enquiry in fewer steps
  • We’ll know it’s you straight away – automatic phone number recognition means you won’t need to enter a policy number when you call us
  • We’ll be ready when you need us – with more data at our fingertips we’ll be able to work more flexibly and quickly align our teams to the greatest demand
  • We’ll show you how to during the call – in the summer we’ll be able to start screensharing during the call so we can walk through the steps together
  • Keeping you and your clients safe – we’ll continue to stay ahead of industry security standards and calls will be quality assurance checked to ensure our service standards are maintained.

In the near future we’ll be asking for your feedback to gather actionable insight on the service to make future improvements. This service will therefore continue to evolve making it even easier to deal with us when you need to call.

All our phone numbers will be the same so you can contact us as you do today.

For quick reference you can find contact details here.

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Our contact sheet - Wrap

If you use the Wrap platform this contact sheet is available. It provides you with details of the teams that support you and will help you find the right area at the right time. Our contact sheet shows details of all your contacts from submitting new business to servicing your existing clients.

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