The world of investments keeps changing. Clients demand more. Regulations change. You need a platform that keeps you up to date and ready to meet tomorrow's challenges. That's why we keep updating Elevate so that it's better for you and your clients.

As part of our latest enhancements, we're making Elevate even easier to use.



Elevate 27

Following adviser feedback, we've upgraded our Portfolioscan™ client reporting tool to offer accurate and comprehensive reporting options from Elevate. Portfolioscan™ 2.1 now includes:

  • Full reporting of monies transferred between Elevate product wrappers, giving you the flexibility to produce meaningful portfolio analysis for clients' individual products, or their entire Elevate account
  • Accurate reporting of tax relief on pension contributions – these are shown as payments into the account and any PAYE Tax on pension withdrawals are shown as payments out
  • Improvements to the 'Performance Summary' page to ensure that data is presented correctly and consistently throughout the report
  • A simplified 'Investment Summary' page – making the breakdown of investments in each of your clients products easier to understand

These enhancements help us to offer powerful reporting and analysis that you can rely on. Reports can be generated quickly and easily from the platform and you can even select dual branding with your adviser firm details if you like.

Portfolioscan™ supports client conversations by providing clear and simple visual portfolio analysis. The modular format means that you can easily tailor reports depending on client need and insert your own commentary, adding value to the overall client experience.

Download the help guide for more details.



Elevate 26.0 and 26.1

These latest updates enable us to implement tax year changes effective from 6 April 2020 and introduce a number of enhancements that improve the performance of the platform, providing continued scalability to support you and your clients.

Regulatory changes to our Key Features Illustration for the Elevate Pension Investment Account will be available in May, providing clients with a new front page summary of key information to help make income drawdown less confusing and encourage customers to be more engaged with their pensions pots . Key Features Illustrations will now be available when the client is in drawdown, takes an UFPLS or starts taking income. The new summary information will show an overview of the Elevate PIA including benefits selected for the next year, what the plan value might be at 5, 10 years and at retirement and the impact of charges on the whole pot. You can find more information in this document.



Elevate 25.0

We’ve completed the Elevate reprice for existing clients and delivered updates to meet new regulatory requirements.

The latest enhancements include:

  • Completing the Elevate reprice announced in 2019. Existing customers benefited from the new terms on 3 December 2019. At every tier, your clients pay the lower of their previous Elevate Portfolio Charges or the new charges available to them through your adviser firm. See the Q&A for more information.
  • New retirement summary letters which will be sent to clients every five years from age 50, until they have fully crystallised their pension pot. You’ll also be able to generate ad hoc Retirement Summaries, providing your clients with a one-page summary of their pension benefits and important information for them to consider. You can find more information in the documents below:
    Retirement outcomes review summary
    Sample letter
    Timeline placemat
  • Updates to the way investment transactions are reconciled on Elevate and the completion of our move to the latest electronic messaging standards for the re-registration and transfer of assets.



Elevate 24.0

The latest enhancements to the Elevate platform increase our ability to support the growth of your business in the years to come.

The release includes:

  • New quarterly statements for Separately Managed Accounts so you can easily provide regular updates to your clients about the performance of their managed portfolios. More information can be found in our help guide and sample statement
  • Enhancements to our banking systems which deal with payments between us and the various parties we interact with. The change will increase the level of automation and our ability to efficiently manage rising volumes over the coming years
  • Changes enabling us to move to the next generation of electronic messaging standards for the re-registration and transfer of assets
  • A change to the way users set their passwords, ensuring we continue to meet our high standards for data security



Elevate 23.0

These latest updates enable us to implement tax year changes that will be effective from 6 April 2019.

More details about tax year end cut off dates and other tax year information can be found here.



Elevate 22.1 – MiFID II update

Costs and charges disclosure

The facility to produce ad-hoc Costs and Charges disclosure is available now on Elevate

What is the new document?

  • Elevate Costs and charges disclosure is a new MiFID document providing clients with a breakdown of the costs and charges they’ve paid over the reporting period.

What does it include?

  • A charges summary showing the total combined charges.
  • Service and Investment costs shown separately by product wrapper and split by charge categories (e.g. one-off, ongoing, transactional, incidental charges).
  • A retrospective illustration showing the cumulative effect of charges on investment return.

Annual Costs and charges update

We will soon be sending Annual Costs and charges to clients covering the 3rd January 2018 to 5th January 2019 reporting period.

We will provide you with a further update when we are due to issue them and they will be provided either electronically or by post based on paperless communication preference.

More information

We have created a number of documents to help you with any questions and show you how to generate ad-hoc Costs and charges:

Elevate Cost and Charges Disclosure - Sample document

Elevate Cost and Charges Disclosure - User guide

Elevate Cost and Charges Disclosure - Scenarios

If you have any further questions regarding this update, please get in touch with your usual Standard Life contact, or call our support team on 0345 600 2399.

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