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Why your and your clients’ experience of Elevate matters

Al Ward

Al Ward, Head of Elevate Proposition, highlights the benefits of the platform that add up, as he explains, to a great experience.

If you managed to make it along to our recent Experience Matters conference held in London earlier this month, I hope you found it as worthwhile a day as I did.

It was great to meet with some of you on the day and find out more about how you use Elevate, discuss the challenges you're facing and the areas you'd like to see us focus on in future.

The theme of the conference was, of course, why experience matters and why, as an industry, we need to make sure we continue providing an experience for clients that meets their changing needs.

How Elevate will continue to meet your and your clients' needs

So for me, the key takeaway from the conference is to continue to focus on delivering an effortless experience for you and your clients and meet the evolving needs of your business to help you deliver quality advice.

One other key takeaway from the conference for me is to continue to develop and add to Elevate's capabilities and enhance your experience of the platform. My ongoing aim is to help free up your time, create more capacity in your firm and future-proof your business in the process.

Elevate's tools give you the information you need to manage clients' investments efficiently and provide the required regulatory disclosures. There are a wide range available  on the platform, including the capital gains tool to help you easily calculate your clients gains, losses or undertake 'what-if' scenario planning. The platform also offers MiFID II reporting across all wrappers, so you can easily provide clients with the information they need about costs and charges.


The key takeaway from the conference is to continue to focus on delivering an effortless experience for you and your clients.


Elevate is a robust platform that offers real value

Another benefit of Elevate is that it's one of the most competitive platforms on the market in terms of pricing. It offers a clear and easy-to-understand pricing structure that's not only transparent and flexible, but has clear charging tiers.

It's simply a great value platform, a fact which is underlined in the lang cat's recently-published eighth annual platform guide, The value myth: state of the platform nation.

As the guide reports: "Elevate operates stepped charging; it's particularly competitive for sub £250k portfolios across all wrappers". The guide also states: "It does the basics well and the financial strength of Standard Life Aberdeen goes a long way".

Not only does Elevate offer a great price, it's a robust platform too. The number of transactions Elevate can carry out that offer straight-through processing is substantial.

And we're continuing to work hard to make these processes as efficient as possible with the use of leading functionality.

We will continue to build momentum

As Noel Butwell, our CEO, announced at the conference, we will continue to provide this leading functionality on Elevate.We're working to extend Elevate's investment capabilities and I should be in a position to tell you a bit more about that soon.

The start of February also saw Elevate being awarded the Best Platform for Advisers (AUA under £25 bn) by Professional Adviser.

Continuing to win awards and your ongoing support, puts Elevate in a great place to continue building momentum over the next few months as a forward-thinking, progressive platform that allows your business to thrive while providing a great all-round experience for you and your clients.

And on a personal note, I've also had a great start to the year. I'm pleased to say that I managed to make it out to the hills to find some snow.

I headed for Stob Ban, just south of Fort William, and it was fantastic to put my winter hillwalking skills into practice, but thanks to Storm Ciara, I didn't quite make it to the top.

However, I did experience great service during my overnight hotel stay and that's what I'll also take away from my hillwalking weekend.


If you'd like to find out more about how Elevate can help support your business, get in touch.


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