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Does ISA season still exist?

Steve Owen

Steve Owen, Head of Elevate Platform Propositions at Standard Life takes a look at the tax year end rush to maximise annual allowances.

Picture the scene. It’s a damp, dreary Wednesday afternoon, and I’m on the train heading to London to meet up with half a dozen or so advisers to catch up on all things Elevate. Getting out and meeting real life advisers is one of the aspects of my job that I love. Hand on heart, I can’t say that the conversations are always easy, but it’s good to get out of the office and hear what our Elevate clients have to say. It allows me to exchange views on what’s happening in the platform market and talk about what we’re doing with Elevate. But more importantly, it gives me the opportunity to hear first hand the views and experiences of people running advisory business and sitting in front of the customer on a day to day basis. The insight I get from these meetings is truly invaluable – and not just for me. I share the insight from these meetings with the various teams that support the Elevate proposition and it helps to shape our priorities and sharpen our focus.

One topic that's cropped up recently is whether or not an ISA season still exists - and if it does is it the lead up to the end of the tax year or the start of the following tax year."


One topic that’s cropped up recently is whether or not an ISA season still exists – and if it does is it in the lead up to the end of the tax year or the start of the following tax year. I guess in part it comes down to individual clients – when do they have money available to invest? How organised are they? How aware are they of the deadlines? For some it will be a last minute rush to make use of their remaining allowances before the critical deadlines. Others will be champing at the bit for the new tax year to start so they can take advantage of their allowances as early as possible to get maximum benefit from the tax advantages.

We know that keeping up to date with each client’s position relating to their unused allowances is crucial – but it’s not always the easiest thing to do across a whole client base. At Elevate, we’re planning some enhancements to make this easier. Our business management tool kit will provide new reporting capabilities which will make it much easier for advisers to run client heath checks. Amongst other things, this new reporting capability will quickly identify clients who have funds available in their unwrapped GIA and unused ISA allowance, so advisers can take action to ensure all the end of tax year planning is taken care of.

And finally, I can’t go without mentioning pricing. I was delighted when we announced a significant change in Elevate pricing. Elevate is now not only one of the most financially robust platforms in the market, as evidenced by its recent AKG A rating for financial strength. It’s not only a platform proposition which delivers excellent service, as recognised by the Defaqto gold platform service award. It’s currently one of the most competitively priced platforms in the market. With the strength of capability, financial stability and service offered by Elevate coupled with this new pricing, it really is the adviser platform to beat for financial planning.

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