Bid price

The price that we show for funds on the platform – in the Portfolio and Performance screens – is the Bid price; this is also the case for equity holdings.



Client access

If you want to see which clients have access and when they last logged into the platform, go to the Admin tab, then select Users, followed by Users By Group. For support on setting up Client Access please refer to our quick guide.



Inception dates

Client inception dates vary by product – a client may well have a SIPP inception date which is different from their ISA anniversary date. You can find their inception date by going into Client / Client Details and selecting the relevant product.




The Performance rate of return figures will only be the same as the simple rate of return if there have been no transactions during the period selected.

Performance / Charges is good for seeing advice and platform charges but it does not take into account any of the fund charges or equity dealing charges (as these are included in the deal values).

The Performance tab does not take off-platform or external / legacy investments into account.



Transaction history

The Transaction History screen allows you to see the transactions in a specific fund by entering the fund code in the "Security" box. Because many funds have been through conversions, it might be a better idea to leave that field blank and use the Export to Excel function instead. The resulting spreadsheet will let you sort the funds into any order you need.




Valuations on the Client tab are updated once daily by a feed from FinEx – normally around 8 a.m. The price that we show on the platform and in the reports “today” is likely to be from yesterday’s valuation point.




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