Cash Balance

The Client Base/Cash Balances report provides information at product level and includes the value of in progress transfers.



Client Listing

The Client Listing report in Client Base will tell you which of your clients have been linked for family terms – a “Link ID” number will be shown. It will also show which clients are paperless.



Consolidated account

Creating a consolidated account for reporting purposes does not give family terms to the clients who have been linked – send an email to to link accounts for discount purposes.

There is no guarantee that any email you send will be received or will not have been tampered with. You should not send personal details by email.



Contract Notes

If your client no longer wishes to receive paper Contract Notes, we can switch these off if you send us a signed letter from your client. We will still load copies to the Document Library.

Contract notes are not issued for insured fund deals. There is no regulatory requirement to provide them as the units are created and priced by the pension / bond provider.



Export to Excel

The 'Export to Excel' function is available in: Portfolio Detail; Track Orders/Deal Switches; Investment Transactions; Cash Transactions; Performance Summary; detail pages and Track Orders/Payments Withdrawals.




The Performance Gain/Loss figures should not be used for CGT reporting.




The following is the list of documents suppressed if a client is opted out of receiving non-regulatory documentation by mail:

  • Payment Information Forms (direct debit receipts)
  • All Product Statements
  • Re-registration Confirmation and Disclosure Document
  • MiFID Costs & charges document

Please refer to our Wrap Product Documentation Matrix for further information.




When running a Performance report, pay close attention to the report 'from' date – if the first large transaction occurred well after the account inception date, start the report from the day before the large transaction, otherwise the (+ve/-ve) Return will be amplified due to the low time-factor weighting.

When you generate a Performance report from the Rebalance wizard, it will automatically include the performance figures from the inception date as well as for the date range that you select.



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