The value of investments can go down as well as up, and your clients could get back less than was paid in.



Client servicing features

How to check if money has been received, go paperless, update client details and more.

Information about Additional Permitted Subscription for the Elevate Individual Savings Account (ISA)

How to transfer cash to the ISA or Pension Investment Accounts (Bed and ISA or pension), including from a joint General Investment Accounts

How to manage cash to pay fees and view reports

Setting up client access and paperless communications

How to use the reports and documents library in Elevate

How to check that money has been received

How to link accounts for family members

How to update client details

Watch our video guide on the paperless process




Payments and contributions

How to perform a range of payment and contribution functions.

How to set up a one-off payment from an Individual Savings Account or a General Investment Account

How to set up a regular outgoing payment




Taking pension benefits

Guides on a range of ways clients can take their pension benefits.

Capped drawdown

Changing regular pension income and taking one-off payments

Uncrystallised Fund Pension Lump Sum

Flexi-Access Drawdown Conversions & Merger

Flexi-Access Drawdown

Regular (drip-feed) drawdown




Buying, selling and switching funds

How to buy, sell and switch funds with Elevate.

Buying and selling investments (regular orders)

Buying and selling investments (single orders)

Buying and selling securities (quote and deal)

Switching investments

Bulk switching

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