We will still require wet signatures for Trust Deeds and Powers of Attorney as these documents need to be witnessed for legal reasons.

We will also need wet signatures for External APS Forms (APS30 and APS33) as we need to send them to external providers (we cannot guarantee they will accept an e-signature) requesting the APS transfer and this is an HMRC requirement.

Additionally, the process for submitting Defined Benefit transfers remains unchanged. It is a process where we must still receive wet signatures and original documentation because of the requirements of ceding schemes. Please send the documentation by post. However, in the event that you are sending the documentation less than working 5 days before the client's guarantee date, by exception, we'll initially accept the application by email to wrap_nb@standardlife.com. The original documents and wet signatures must follow by post.

Please retain original copies with wet signatures, as we may need to review originals at a future date.

For our most frequently used documents, including new business and client instructions, e-signature can now be used.

Learn more about e-signatures

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