During this period we will accept scanned copies of original (including legal) documents. We will also accept photos of original documents. You should upload copies of the scanned document to the client document library on the platform*.

Once the document is uploaded to the client document library please send us an email to the relevant mailbox.

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*Please note some exceptions:

  • For any International Portfolio Bond applications we require Anti Money Laundering Verification (on step one of the new client process), Source of Wealth and Declaration of Residency (this document must be posted to us).
  • For Defined Benefit Transfers, we require original documents and wet client signatures, please continue to send by post. However, in the event that you are sending the documentation less than 5 working days before the client’s guarantee date, by exception, we’ll initially accept the application to wrap_nb@standardlife.com. The original documents and wet signature must follow by post.
  • For ISA and Personal Portfolio transfers where the transferring company has not signed up to electronic transfers, e.g. some equity transfers and offshore funds.

Please retain original copies with wet signatures as we may need to review originals at a future date.

Please remember that email is not a secure form of communication so you should not send personal or sensitive information including scanned documents.

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