We're updating our digital security

To ensure we maintain a high standard of data security, we’re upgrading our digital security over the next two months. Here's what it means for you.

If you currently use an out-of-date internet browser, you won’t be able to access our platforms or websites until you upgrade. See below for a list of outdated browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (versions below 11)
  • Safari (versions below 6)
  • Chrome (versions below 37)
  • Firefox (versions below 26)


To avoid any disruption when accessing our digital services and platforms, simply download an up-to-date version of your preferred browser.


Software is downloaded at your own risk. We are not responsible for the suitability of any such downloads and will not be liable for issues with your computer that may arise as a result. If you're unsure of the suitability of any downloads for your computer it's recommended that you obtain specialist advice before proceeding.