Continuous professional development (CPD) hub

Accredited CPD for you and your business

We understand how important it is to keep knowledge and skills up to date. Our CII accredited modules will help you demonstrate your continued learning and development on topics which matter to your business and your advice.

All our modules are written and delivered in a clear and understandable way and focus on translating the detail into what it means for you and your clients.

After you’ve completed the module and answered the related questions, we will email your certificate highlighting the accredited learning for your CPD record.

Your challenge: Increased volumes Increased risk

Tax and retirement planning

Personal taxation

These modules will help you understand how your clients’ income, gains and estate are taxed

Personal taxation modules

Pension funding

These modules will help you understand how much your clients can pay in to their pensions and what factors may restrict funding.

Pension funding modules

Business services

Your proposition

To help you build your advice business and guide your clients towards a better future.

Your proposition modules