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Pension Freedoms has provided a real stimulus for growth in the UK advisory market. The resulting demand for advice has created a great opportunity for those firms well placed to take advantage of it.

That’s where our Business Services proposition comes in. Offering a unique mix of thought leadership, practical solutions and support, it can make a real difference to your business, your people, and your clients.

Building a foundation for future success

Business Planning Toolkit

To help us identify what makes some adviser businesses more successful than others, we conducted independent research. To turn these valuable insights into practical support we have developed our Business Planning Toolkit. It aims to help firms take a fresh look at their business, highlighting areas of strength, and potential weaknesses that could be hindering the future success and value of the business. It is made up of three key elements:

  • Business Modeller
  • Cost of Service Delivery Calculators
  • Business Assessment Tool
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How much is your business worth? How can the value be enhanced over time? Ensure delivering your proposition is costed and profitable Provide additional insight to support your decision making



Business Modeller

The Business Modeller, designed in conjunction with Stoke Bishop Associates, aims to help business owners take a structured approach to the initial in-house stage of considering what their business may be worth now, and more importantly how that value may be enhanced over time. The tool allows firms to use various assumptions – which can be varied to support various scenario testing. The tool can also provide a valuable insight on the capacity of the business to fulfil the forecast revenue.

Cost of Service Delivery Calculators

Every business needs to understand the true costs of providing its services so that it can establish the price required to make a reasonable profit margin.

This is fundamental to building a profitable and scalable business. These calculators have been designed to help you ensure that the time spent on the delivery of the different elements of the client proposition are costed out profitably and reflected in the charges paid by your clients.

Business Assessment Tool

In order to build long term value in your business and achieve future success you need to address any issues that may be holding you back. The Business Assessment Tool aims to help you take a fresh look at your business through the eyes of your people. By harnessing their collective knowledge (something that can be hard to do on your own), it will provide you with an additional layer of insight to support your decision making. The findings will be presented back to you in a comprehensive report. It will highlight where the business is performing well, as well as identifying potential areas for further consideration, and provide ideas and suggestions that could improve the future success and value of the business.

Interested in finding out more?

To learn about the range of Business Services available to you please get in touch with your Standard Life contact.


What do people think of this service?

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"The Assessment allowed us to leverage the collective knowledge of our people (our biggest asset). They really appreciated being involved in the decision making and identifying best practice. Going forward, the Business Assessment has now become a key part of our planning process"

Alistair Creevy, Managing Director, Independent Adviser (Scotland) Ltd

"Working in partnership with Standard Life has allowed us to increase value of the business, make it a great place for our people to work and develop their careers and most importantly delivery that great client experience"

Claude Carletide, Partner, Chantler Kent Investments