Business Assessment Tool

Understand where your business is now, and where it's going in the future

Benefits for your business

  • Highlight where your business is performing well and identify potential areas for improvement
  • Provide an understanding of how colleagues (across all levels) perceive your business and how it’s being managed
  • Highlight any differences in understanding that may exist that could impact on business performance
  • Establish priorities and help focus resource on activities that will deliver the most benefit

Taking your business forward

Everybody wants to focus on delivering better outcomes for their clients; that’s what they value, and why you went into business. The day to day demands of running a successful business can often mean key issues can take a back seat and don’t always get addressed.

This is why we’ve created the Business Assessment Tool; a 3 step fact finding exercise that will allow you to take a look at your business through the eyes of your people, to understand its relative strengths and weaknesses.

Step 1 - Agree the approach

Each business is different, therefore it’s important to plan the assessment and invite the right people to get involved.

Step 2 – Complete the business assessment

The online assessment consists of 100 questions covering ten business disciplines across two key areas – Effective Leadership and Operational Excellence. The data is gathered and a personal report is then created.

Step 3 – Arrange follow up meeting

One you have your report; review the findings with key stakeholders. Discuss how your business performed and identify how to address any gaps.

What people think of our service

"The Business Assessment has now become a key part of our planning process - with us recently completing our 3rd assessment exercise."

Alistair Creevy, Director
Independent Adviser (Scotland) Ltd.

Request your business assessment now

To register your interest in completing a business assessment, or to get more information, please get in touch with your Standard Life contact.

Key Points


It’s a group exercise, and such is suitable for adviser firms with 5 or more employees.


Around 30 to 40 minutes per participant

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