How to submit new business and service requests on Elevate

Step one – Upload copies of the scanned documents to the client’s document library on the platform. Please retain original copies with wet signatures, as we may need to review originals at a future date.

Step two – Once the document is uploaded please send an email to the relevant regional mailbox from the list below and include:

  • Name of document(s) uploaded to the client library
  • Client account number
  • Date and time of upload to the document library

Please don’t email scanned copies of client documents as email is not a secure form of communication.

London and South East -

South West and Central -

North -

Not sure? Please contact us via

All mailboxes are managed and we will respond as soon as possible.

How to upload documents to the client document library

  1. In Reports & Documents click "ADD"
  2. Select the relevant document type
  3. Change status to "received from client"
  4. Browse for file on your computer, select the file and click save with the preferred file extension: pdf or jpeg
  5. Close to add another file or save

Please note that the maximum file size is 4MB and the file name must be lower case and must not contain any symbols.

Having trouble with forms?

If you have an issue filling in the form, please save a copy to your computer before filling it in. Please also make sure your PDF Reader is up to date.

If you can't upload the form to the client's document library, please check: 

  • The file name is all in lower case
  • The file name doesn't contain any symbols
  • The file size is less than 4Mb

If this doesn't work we recommend printing the document and rescanning it.

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