Contact us online for new business and platform servicing

As our wait times may be longer than you would normally experience, it may be quicker for you to contact us by email.

Please remember though that email is not a secure form of communication so you should not send personal or sensitive information - please upload this to the secure document libraries on our platforms instead.

Our platforms are secure so using the document library rather than email will help protect your clients' data.

Sending electronically signed documents

We’re now able to accept documents signed using our approved e-signature solutions on our most frequently used documents, including new business and client instructions.

However, we will still require wet signatures for some documents.

Where this is required please retain original copies with wet signatures, as we may need to review originals at a future date.

Sending scanned copies of original and signed documents

We can accept scanned copies of your client’s signature on documentation and scanned copies of original supporting documents, with some exceptions where the transferring company require original forms with a wet signature. Photographs will be accepted.

Please retain original copies with wet signatures, as we may need to review originals at a future date.


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If you already use an existing mailbox to contact us please continue to do so. There have been no changes to existing mailboxes at this time.

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