Individually Managed Accounts (IMA)

The new way to create client-led investment outcomes

At Standard Life we understand that you treat each of your clients as an individual. But creating individual investment outcomes can be time consuming and costly.

Introducing Individually Managed Accounts

That’s why we’ve created Individually Managed Accounts on the Standard Life Wrap platform. With our new technology, you can work together with your investment manager to deliver individual investment outcomes for each of your clients.

Here's how it works

Why Individually Managed Accounts

  • Deliver unique outcomes to more clients, more efficiently
  • Create a unique financial plan with multi-goal strategies and client-led mandates
  • Save time and reduce risk with auto ISA funding from unwrapped assets
  • Deliver tax optimised outcomes with mandated CGT strategy and active harvesting
  • Take account of client-led investment restrictions and exclusions
  • Integrate existing assets into the overall portfolio allocation and risk profile

The value of investments can go down as well as up, and could be worth less than originally invested.

Tax and legislation are likely to change. The information provided here is based on Standard Life's understanding of law and HM Revenue & Customs practice at the date of publication.

Discretionary Managers available on IMA

We’re delighted that the Discretionary Managers highlighted below will be using our IMA technology to offer a diverse range of portfolios, all tailored to your clients’ individual needs.

We’re working closely with other leading Discretionary Managers and hope to announce more soon.

Before you can access any portfolios, you will need to have an appropriate investment manager agreement in place with the Discretionary Manager.

Contact: Jim Stacey
01179 307 745
07712 485 394

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Contact: Eleanor Williams
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Contact: David Muncaster
020 7667 6600
07738 697 154

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Contact: Andrew Rockey
Contact: Christopher Bishun, CFA

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Contact: Josh Pedlar
0207 534 7628

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Contact: Tony Allan
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Contact: Nick Rosenblatt
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Contact: Martin Coyle
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Contact: Philip Valentine
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Contact: Iestyn Richards-Rees
07595 056 578

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What's next?

If you think Individually Managed Accounts could be right for you and your clients, please get in touch with your usual Standard Life contact to discuss further.

If you don’t currently have an aligned Standard Life contact, please call 0345 272 6622 to arrange a call back.

Calls may be monitored and/or recorded to protect both you and us, and help with our training. Call charges will vary.