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Recent and ongoing political developments means there’s a continuing lack of clarity over when the UK will leave the EU.

Under the latest extension to the Article 50 timetable the UK will remain a full member of the EU up to 31 October but will leave earlier if the House of Commons approves the proposed Withdrawal Agreement. This extension is subject to a number of conditions, including the UK’s participation in the European Parliament elections if no agreement has been reached by 22 May.

As part of our Brexit planning we’ve considered a number of different exit scenarios, including the possibility of the UK leaving the EU without an agreed deal, and put in place agreements to mitigate any potential disruption for our customers, clients and operations.

We will continue to follow the political process and review the arrangements we have put in place in the light of any major developments. As a global investment manager we have extensive experience of adapting to regulatory change and working across borders.

Our priority is to ensure we are in the best possible position to provide our customers and clients with continuity of service, regardless of the circumstances in which the UK may eventually leave the EU.

Read our latest position (PDF, 74KB)

Brexit and the continuation of personal data transfers to the UK

The UK faces the prospect of being regarded as a third country when it exits the EU. As a result, some transfers of personal data to the UK could be non-compliant with Data Protection law. We’re putting in place the necessary arrangements, including amendments to existing contracts with third parties processing personal data on our behalf, to support the continuation of cross-border personal data transfers to the UK post Brexit.

Market volatility - fund news and updates

Periods of increased market volatility can have an impact on investment valuations. We'll keep you updated on any fund suspensions.



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