Developing our platforms

We want to share with you our exciting development plans for both Wrap and Elevate platforms.

The 2018/19 development priorities, outlined on the next page, concentrate on strengthening and enhancing the experience we deliver for you and your clients.

Our approach to platform development is to:

  • Make sure we keep our promises to you and your clients
  • Deliver the improvements you and your clients want to see
  • Keep moving forward by giving you genuine innovations and new ways of working



Wrap development priorities

The development priorities for the Wrap platform concentrate on the tailoring and presentation of holistic financial solutions in retirement.



Elevate development priorities

The development priorities for Elevate will see enhanced investment options and advanced platform user experience.

Award winning platforms

This is all underpinned by work we have done in ensuring the sustainability and ongoing scalability of our platforms. We aim to provide the reliable service and experience your clients expect over the long term.


 Wrap and Elevate

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What's next?

  • Complete key regulatory and business projects during the summer
  • Begin development priorities in H2 2018
  • Complete key development priorities in H1 2019
  • Maintain focus on long-term opportunities

We’ll keep you informed as we progress out development and ensure you are ready to maximise the benefits they will bring.