What the recent IHT court case means for pension transfers

A recent ruling by the Court of Appeal could be the catalyst for clients still pondering about transferring their pension to make their decision sooner than later. The case, which has become known as the 'Staveley case', has made an IHT charge more likely for those who transfer while in ill-health and unfortunately die within two years.

Pension freedoms have undeniably sparked a demand for transfers to modern contracts which can provide all the retirement options on offer. Many have already transferred, recognising how their pension savings can dovetail with their retirement plans, and provide a flexible inheritance for their families.

Read our insight to understand what this case means for clients considering a pension transfer, including:

  • Why transferring in good health eliminates the possibility of an IHT charge
  • The impact of the 'Staveley case' on those who do transfer in ill-health
  • The HMRC reasoning behind IHT assessments on transfers in ill-health

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